Wellness Revelation   

The Wellness Revelation is a faith-based wellness program that teaches participants how to live healthy and whole lives in Christ so they may receive and give love well.  NEW CLASS STARTS Oct  5, 2017! If you would like to join- email me at veronica@graceinfitness.com 


Feed your body the nutrition it needs with a simple, healthy system- products for weight loss, healthy aging, performance and energy available. 

 Updates:  Wellness Revelation Small Group Starts Oct 5th 2017!

Seated Fitness Classes

Gentle Fitness classes for the Fitness Beginner and Older Adults. 

Classes held Saturday mornings 9am at Tolosa Baptist Church 19101 Hwy 274 Kemp, TX.

Hi, I'm Veronica Willingham,

owner of GRACE in Fitness, LLC.  This is a picture of me at the Revelation Wellness Instructor training retreat.  The tank top I'm wearing was our "platoon" shirt.  We were platoon 13 and had over 80 in our group, the largest so far for Revelation Wellness┬«.   This training touched my heart and changed my life in so many ways, but mostly it strengthened my faith in God who loves me, and wants me to know that each and every day.  Now, as a Certified Revelation Wellness┬« Instructor and Wellness Revelation facilitator, I get to share what I have learned about God and fitness with you.  If you have ever felt like you don't fit in to this world of "fitness", let me tell you that there is a place for you at the table!  The best part is that it's not about your weight, the food or the exercise.  Don't get me wrong, these things are part of the process, but it's really about God and how He sees you.  The world tells us we must be this size, or look that way- but God says that HIS GRACE is sufficient (2 Cor 12:9)  and that means for EVERY part of your life, including fitness.  I look forward to helping you see yourself as God does.